Integrate different LMS courses and services using LTI (LTI를 이용한 LMS 연동)

학회에 발표한 내용입니다. 서로 다른 LMS를 연동하여 강의와 서비스를 공유하는 방법에 대해서 다루었습니다. 영어자막을 첨부하였습니다.

영문 초록

Since the advent of the Covid-19 crisis, the production and use of online lectures has drawn attention. Even before the crisis, there had been a movement to share and spread online lectures through sharing systems such as MOOC and OCW for a long time, and this movement must be able to accommodate the demands of the innovative institutional intention such as credit exchange. SCORM, created for the purpose of sharing online education resources, was invented as a standard for sharing contents for different education platforms (LMS), but SCORM is a standard only applicable to contents and does not provide the ways for sharing various learning activities of the platform. Providing sharable and usable learning activities across the different LMSs is very demanding for sharing and spreading online education. Analyzing the use of LMS in domestic universities, Moodle and Canvas, which are open source LMSs outside of Korea, are being used in some portion, and some domestic LMSs are also used dividing the market. Moodle and Canvas can link their own LMS network or link services between heterogeneous LMSs using the LTI standard, but domestic LMSs cannot provide such function. In this paper, we propose a method of linking Moodle, Canvas, and domestic LMS services focused on Moodle, which provides various learning activities and functions. All LMS users can easily use heterogeneous LMS or use some of the services at least. This proposition can be applied to various service fields such as KMOOC, KOCW, credit exchange, lecture exchange between universities, regional unification of online educational centers.

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