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Wednesday, 15 July 2009 09:54

Welcome to OKmindmap.org

Creation, management, and maintenance of information have become important issues. Information can be represented in relation with other information. Well defined relationship is core property of knowledge representation. In representing knowledge, mindmap is very informal and simple representation compare to concept map or semantic ontology, but it is very easy and flexible tool. Mindmap can be applied in various knowledge domains such as learning and business. There are some mindmap application software and services, but web-based mindmap are mostly Adobe Flash or special plug-in based. OKmindmap is a cross browsing mindmap service. This service doesn’t need any installation of plug-ins for any Web browsers. Many users can collaboratively work on same mindmap from different place. Twitter posts, Facebook post, Delicious bookmarking, and Google search results are integrated by using mash up service.

Access Service

The OKmindmap service is currently available at http://okmindmap.com. If you like to see how mindmap look like, you can see the sample map by clicking here.


  • No plug-in: No active-X, no flash
  • Any browser: IE 8, FireFox, Chrome, Safari (IE 8 is little slow)
  • Collaboration: Share and work together (as many as 40 people and more)
  • SNS: MashingUp data from Delicious, Twitter, Google, and Facebook
  • Conversion: Currently support PPT, wiki, html transformation
  • More than text: Image, web-link inclusion
  • Freemind compatibility: Import and export to freemind


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